Thursday, June 4, 2009


We visited the Inca ruins of Machupichu. We traveled by taxi to the train depot. Then we traveled by train to the town of Agua Caliente. We stayed overnight in a very small hotel. At 4:30 in the morning we got up to stand in line to catch the first bus to the mountain. The bus arrived at Machupichu at 9am. We then signed up for a time to climb the mountain behind Machupichu - Wanipichu. Only 400 people per day climb this peak, but it has a marvelous view of the ruins at the top. The ruins were truly incredible. A total of 172 homes, with other buildings besides. Up to 500 families could live in this community. The terraces were built to use for planting food.


We stayed in Cusco for a couple of days. We happened to be there when a group from Northwest Nazarene came through. They are in nursing training in college. 20 students came to Peru to run clinics in the jungle. We also met a missionary living in Cusco, Carrie Eckel. We stayed in a home bed and breakfast. Guadalupe made us feel right at home. Dawn said she reminded her of Grandma Jodie! As with all towns, the central square was filled with local children. Dawn did her magic with the kids...

Puerto Maldonado

We visited the town of Puerto Maldonado. The town is located in the "selva" or jungle. This is the next construction site for Extreme. We saw a tributary of the Amazon, attended a church service,... and Dennis started the clearing of land. Dennis has a foreman named Cuarto. Cuarto will hire a crew, clear the land, and put in footings for the building. As of today, Cuarto has started the footings, purchased cement, rebar for the walls, and fill material to raise up the site.