Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Lunch Meeting of the Long Term Volunteers

We are rapidly running out of space! We have 26 adults on site in Arequipa. We also have 3 workers from Peru in the office, Eliseo (web design), Pastor Solano (40/40), and Ruben (all the local purchasing and project site purchasing). At least I have my own desk.... It is so exciting to see the workers and the project volunteers begin to come in. Their kids are so cute, too!

Puerto Maldonado Team

Our first community development team is here! Tyson and Tracy Smith and their son, Ky, will be the "parents" for the team. They will coordinate the finances and other needs for the team. The team members are Wendy, Callie, Olivia and Andrew. They will each be paired with a local Peruvian to begin relationship building and planting churches in local communities. They will first have 3 months of language training and 6 months of Bible Study in Spanish. How awesome that they have accepted the challenge to be out in the front lines. Their community will be Puerto Maldonado. Pastor Ediberto Solano is also pictured who is the leader of the 40/40 Peruvian team members.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Plaza Armas on Sunday

On Sunday afternoon, the long term volunteers and families went to Plaza Armas. In the center of the park, the families could purchase bags of corn for the children to feed the doves. Around the edge of the park is buildings with restaurants open to the courtyard. A band came to play in the park and then marched around on the street.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Accounting Mentor

I am working with Bud Grumm. This is Bud and his wife Judy at the Park, Plaza Armas. Bud is working with me to set up the accounting information and input the activity from before I arrived. I am slowly getting used to the use of cash for everything. And the need to think in both US dollars and Soles (Peruvian currency). I will survive. I have mentioned to Bud and Judy that I don't want to see them leave. They are a wonderful couple. They spent several months in Argentina at the last construction project of the Bruno Rady Center.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Office in Arequipa

It is dark and stormy looking today. About 65 degrees out. Everyone here asks me about the weather in Alaska. Mucho frio they say! We saw Santa Claus on the street in full costume. I said that he lives in Alaska. On day two, I went across the city of Arequipa to find a calculator. I am starting to learn the system here. We pay for all products and services in cash. So a wire transfer is requested from the US, then a check is cashed at the bank. Then the U.S. cash may be translated into Peruvian Soles and the purchase is then made. I am just starting to learn that the most important person here is the one who goes to the bank every day for me!

Arequipa Airport

After 30 hours of travel, I ARRIVE!!!! I need a shower and a bed, but after that last coffee on the plane I am ready to go to work?! The travel was easier than I thought. I had too much carryon luggage and had to drag it through long lines at customs, but everywhere I had people who would help me and share their stories. One flight I sat next to a couple going to a wedding in Florida who eagerly listened to my story of the work we will do in Peru. I am sure God put us together. Gloria a Dios.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Leaving Alaska

We are so excited to make our way to Peru. We will miss all of our friends and family, but hope that you will follow our journey through this "blog window". Thanks for all of your encouragement and support. We love you.