Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dennis arrived! He's trying to catch up on sleep.

Our weekend has been wonderful! Not so wonderful is that I have to write about all that happened in Spanish for my professor for Monday. Friday I took the day off of language school. Den and I went to the office in the morning, updated our bank info and spoke to Dawn through Skype. Dawn left for the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks to work in an orphanage there. In the afternoon we went back to our home for lunch. We then walked to the center park, Plaza de Armas, for coffee. 10 Blocks both ways to purchase a postcard, but it was wonderful. Saturday was the baptism. I have pictures of the service on facebook. Sunday we spent at our little church, Alto de Libertad.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teachers at Language School

Mary and Marco are my teachers for language school. I am very lucky to have them. Marco works with me on the written work in the book, and Mary works with conversational Spanish. Marco is a 4th year Architectural student. He will finish exams for the 4th year in two weeks and then will be in the 5th and final year of University.

The language school.

Language school is two blocks from the Alvarado family home. We have about 15 people from the Extreme Nazarene group attending there now. I am in a class by myself. I have two teachers for 2 hours each.

Alvarado Family home.

The Alvarado family has welcomed me to their home. They said that anything I need, please ask. If I want food during the night, just find it in the kitchen. Senora Charo does not speak any English. I have been able to learn enough Spanish to get by. Senor Andres is always giving me lots of new vocabulary words. The family calls him professor Andres. The daughter, Angela, speaks English very well. She is an event planner (weddings, birthdays, parties...).

Monday, March 2, 2009

Saying goodbye to my temporary home.

Kindra Bible has graciously let me camp out in her apartment for 1 1/2 weeks. She has a place on the third floor of the building right next door to the office. I can be at my desk in 2 minutes after we exit her door. She is going to talk to the Landlord to hold any vacancies for us Extremies! From Kindra's I am going to move in with a Peruvian family. It is the best way to learn Spanish - 4 hours of class each day - all meals provided by the family. I am excited!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Childrens Song during church service

The children go to their Sunday School lesson during the adult Bible Study time. After Sunday School, the children come to perform for the adults. Today they sang the story of Zaccheus with all of the motions as we do in the US. It was delightful.

Los Altos Salvidad, Iglesia del Nazareno

Today was my second church service at the Los Altos de Salvidad church. The pastor and his fiance, Caroline, are wonderful servants. Pastor is a great speaker. The first service he had several of the people come up and help him with his sermon. They were illustrating the wonderful benefits of knowing God. Today the sermon was on prayer. I am able to read the passages in my bible in English as they read in Spanish. Some day I will read with them in Spanish. Tomorrow I will move in with a local family and begin language school. Exciting! Scary!