Saturday, July 4, 2009

General Assembly

After we left Alaska, we traveled to Orlando Florida for General Assembly. Dennis was an NYI Delegate and Denise was a General Church Delegate. It is great to be part of a global church. In the NYI Convention, they web-cast the convention to 7 different world areas and included delegates in the convention and voting who could not travel to Orlando either becasue of finaces or visa/passport problems. This is the first time their voices could be heard. In the General Convention, they elected a new General Superintendent for Africa, the first from outside the US.

We also worked at the Extreme Mobile, the exhibit booth for Extreme Peru. It is an 18-wheeler trailer that is divided into 3 bays with videos that tell about Peru and the work we are doing there. Dennis decided to use his mascoting skills and put on the RICO cuy outfit and strolled around the convention center meeting people and having fun with the kids. He had a blast.

Our Visit to Alaska

Denise and I got to got to Alaska the week of June 14-21. We had a great time visiting our friends and many supporters while we were there.

The week started with a small miracle from God. The night before we left, we found out that our flights had been changed and we were to arrive in Anchorage late Sunday night and would miss the evening service at Chapel of the Cross that we were supposed to speak at. We prayed and the next day, the airline was able to re-route us to arrive on time for church and they didn't even charge us a change fee. PTL.

We spent the next couple of days working and visiting our friends at HDL, taking care of loose ends, and getting our taxes filed. On Wednesday and Thursday, Dennis, Denise, our good friend Bill Tuk, and DJ, invaded the lake house and installed tongue and groove pine on the ceiling. Kimmy and Chad have done a great job turning the lakehouse into a home. It is looking great.

They we went down to Soldotna to spend time with our parents. We stayed with Dennis and Jodie Linnell where we helped install a new window in the living room. We also got to visit with Peter and JoAnn Biegel on the beach as they were doing their annual subsistence set netting for red salmon. In three days, er caught, cleaned, and filleted over 100 fish. Dennis left feeling like a real Alaskan.

We really enjoyed our time celebrating Father's Day with our families, many brothers and sisters, and kids.