Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Office in Arequipa

It is dark and stormy looking today. About 65 degrees out. Everyone here asks me about the weather in Alaska. Mucho frio they say! We saw Santa Claus on the street in full costume. I said that he lives in Alaska. On day two, I went across the city of Arequipa to find a calculator. I am starting to learn the system here. We pay for all products and services in cash. So a wire transfer is requested from the US, then a check is cashed at the bank. Then the U.S. cash may be translated into Peruvian Soles and the purchase is then made. I am just starting to learn that the most important person here is the one who goes to the bank every day for me!

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  1. claiming Deut 33:25 every day for you! cactus still alive! I emailed so look for it.