Saturday, September 19, 2009

On to Puerto Maldonado

We will soon be working in Puerto Maldonado, a jungle city located on the Rio Madre de Dios, a tributary of the Amazon River. There are about 50,000 in Puerto Maldonado, but it is a small remote city. In some ways, it reminds us of the YK delta in SW Alaska. Dennis spent a week there in late August/early September coordinating the re-start of our building project there. We are building a 2-story missionary house. The first floor will be for the 40/40 Support family, and the second level will be for the eight 40/40 missionaries that will be working on church plants in and around Puerto Maldonado. We have 2 teams coming, one the end of September and one the end of October to work on the building and do community impact to jump start the church planting. Dennis will be leaving soon to live there for 7 weeks until the project is completed. Denise will come to Puerto Maldonado during the 2 work teams, so Dennis will not be alone the entire time. The 40/40's arrive November 3rd, expecting to move in, so there is lots of work to do to get the building liveable.

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