Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amazon Adventures

After a short trip to Lima to have Dawns eyes checked by her surgeon (her eyes are improving by the way) we decided to take a trip to Iquitos. Iquitos is located in north Peru along the Amazon River. At 600,000 people, it is the largest city in the world that is not road accessible. You can only fly in or take a boat. (Sounds a little like Alaska, only more people).

We arrived at the airport, with no plans and no reservations. I had a name of a hostel to try to find and check out. While waiting for our luggage, I start a conversation with a tour guide that happened to be standing there after droppign some clients off to catch their plane. He was from one of the jungle lodges that I had read about, and offered us a good deal on a 2 day, 1 night stay. To top it off, the hostel I wanted to go to was only 2 blocks from his office, so he offered us a ride to the hostel. Kind of cool how things work out sometimes.

After a good nights rest, we jumped back into the van and headed down to the public docks. We jumped into a nice boat for a 30 minute ride down the Amazon to the Sinchicuy Lodge. We took several jungle walks, visited a local village, got to shoot a blow gun (Dawn proved to be the best shot), visited a local medicine man/shaman and learned about medicinal uses of native plants, squeezed sugar cane and drank the juice, fished for piranhas, swung on vines like Tarzan and Jane, swam in a tributary of the Amazon, and just enjoyed ourselves. The mosquitos weren't bad around the lodge, but got a little more fiesty on our jungle walks. Still not as bad as bush Alaska in June.

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