Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kula was lost, but now is found

I would have never thought about listing or checking Craigslist for a missing dog. Care and Bill Tuk did this for their daughter’s dog that was lost over Christmas and found her in one day. That is when I told them that Kula had disappeared just before Thanksgiving. They asked our permission last week if they could do a Craigslist add for Kula and see if they could find her. I sent Care a message yesterday morning that they could try, but I didn’t hold out much hope. I don’t know if Care put an add out, or just started searching other adds, but she emailed me that afternoon and said she may have found Kula. After Bill got off work, they went and checked it out, and sure enough it was Kula. The family she was with had found her after Chirstmas (maybe after New Years) at the end of Knik Goose Bay Road where all the snow machiners park. Don’t know if she followed a dog sled team, snow machine, or what. She was just very friendly and wanted in their car. The Craigs list add was not very descriptive and it can only be explained as a God-thing that Care even called it. Kula was much thinner but overall is really healthy.

I still can’t believe it!!

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