Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweat'n for Jesus in the Jungle

I arrived in Pucallpa on February 9th. Denise had to stay in Arequipa and work in the office and didn’t get to go this project. Pucallpa is a jungle city of about 300,000 on the banks of the Ucayali River, a major tributary of the Amazon River. Lots of fruit, lumber, and river transportation.

The first thing I noticed upon getting out of the plane was the heat and humidity. The temperature ranged between 80-100 degrees the whole week. Luckily we had swimming pool where we were staying for a nice cool dip in the evenings. We even had a monkey come to visit us and beg for food. He trained those americonos pretty fast!

I worked with 4 others to do some remodel to the dormitories that the 40/40 missionaries will be living in when they arrive in May. We framed in and installed a plywood ceiling in both the boys and girls dorm, painted the walls and installed tile on the floor of the boys room, and tiled a couple of showers. The Peruvians will finish the paint and tile in the girls room.

Besides the construction, we had 2 doctors, a dentist, 3 nurses, and about 12 other people there in Pucallpa to hold 8 medical clinics in 4 different locations. The doctors saw hundreds of patients and got to use their skills to care for their physical needs while pastors and missionaries got an opportunity to talk with each one and pray for their spiritual needs. Children who came got to hear bible stories, see puppet shows, get their face painted, and play lots of soccer.

We also got to show the Jesus Film in the evening at each of the clinic locations. The night I went, there were about 75 people that showed up to watch. After the film, the pastor would give an invitation to know Christ, and about 15 people gathered around the pastor. Several commented that they were glad that the Church had come to their neighborhood and they were excited to have a church being planted there.

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