Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cusco Construction

We broke ground just 6 weeks ago for the Cusco 40/40 Center. It went from from this:

To this today:

We enjoyed a team mostly from Alaska and Idaho that came down February 26-March 10. It was a hard working group of people and lots of work was accomplished by the team. Here are some photos in no paticular order.

Besides work on the 40/40 Center, the team did 4 Jesus Film showings, did a children’s festival at 2 sites, did a prison visit, ministered at an unwed mothers shelter, and prayed over many of the church plant sites. Over 200 made a decision to accept Christ during these impact events. The light and hope of the Gospel was plainly seen.

We truly enjoyed getting to see our Alaskan friends Mike and Linda Couch, Gary and Laura Lagstrom, Dennis and Ariel Strait, Trevor and Hilary Strait, and my business partner, Scott and Penny Hattenburg. What a great couple of weeks.

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