Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alvarado Family home.

The Alvarado family has welcomed me to their home. They said that anything I need, please ask. If I want food during the night, just find it in the kitchen. Senora Charo does not speak any English. I have been able to learn enough Spanish to get by. Senor Andres is always giving me lots of new vocabulary words. The family calls him professor Andres. The daughter, Angela, speaks English very well. She is an event planner (weddings, birthdays, parties...).

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  1. Denise,
    We are so glad to see that you are surviving. You look healthy. The home where you are staying looks very nice. Are all things gated down there? Why is that? I plan to call Dennis this weekend to tell him goodbye. Will you get to meet him at the airport? Will you both be staying with the Alvarado family? How long will you be attending language school? How far is your work from their home? How often are you going to work? Do you walk most places? We continue to uphold you in our prayers. We love you. Keep the up dates coming.
    Cindie, Victoria and Lynn