Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dennis arrived! He's trying to catch up on sleep.

Our weekend has been wonderful! Not so wonderful is that I have to write about all that happened in Spanish for my professor for Monday. Friday I took the day off of language school. Den and I went to the office in the morning, updated our bank info and spoke to Dawn through Skype. Dawn left for the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks to work in an orphanage there. In the afternoon we went back to our home for lunch. We then walked to the center park, Plaza de Armas, for coffee. 10 Blocks both ways to purchase a postcard, but it was wonderful. Saturday was the baptism. I have pictures of the service on facebook. Sunday we spent at our little church, Alto de Libertad.

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  1. Dennis looks like Kula, sprawled out on the bed (oh...not the bed, her 'rug')!! We got snow-drifted in for the 2nd Sunday - so no church for us :0( Love you guys!!